As the new technology emerges, it brings along better usability, convenience, and multiple additional benefits. On the same note, the Vehicle surveillance camera security equipment market today offers unnumbered types of monitoring cameras to provide a competitive edge to businesses by safeguarding their valuables and work forces. This market has expanded exponentially over the years and is considered an inseparable part of other industries and sectors as every business whether big or small needs surveillance cameras to build a safe working place.

Indoor or outdoor, public or private, all the companies and institutions undeniably depend on innovative surveillance cameras. In modern times, what has added to the optimized security of masses is vehicle monitoring solutions that accompany public and fleet drivers on transit for their safety.

With time, surveillance cameras have been reinvented as portable, wireless, and smart monitoring devices that are available to mainstream businesses at affordable prices. Attributed to such advantages public vehicles, school buses, office shuttles, and other tourist vehicles are now secured with smart surveillance cameras, designed peculiarly to deliver maximized security to the passengers and drivers on go.

However, the list of vehicle monitoring solutions benefits is not confined to human safety but goes on to add much more assistance to the government and private companies.

Why Wireless Vehicle Surveillance Camera Is No Friend To Small Business

1. Wireless connectivity

Your vehicle can always be with you on your mobile screens through live feed streaming all 24 hours by simply installing vehicle surveillance cameras. These cameras work on a 4G-LTE/3G SIM card to use an internet connection and store the recorded data in an SD card. The major benefit of wireless surveillance cameras is that they deliver uninterrupted video footage in real-time even when vehicles move through remote areas with poor network connectivity.

2. Pinpoints mishaps

Vehicle dash cameras come with a built-in feature of recording accidents and collisions that can be used as evidence of how the accident happened and who was at fault. Knowing the fact that fleet vehicles are comparatively huge and therefore, are usually accused of being responsible for the accident, putting legal and financial pressure on the fleet owners.

The annual stats of road accidents worldwide are more than 1,300,000 and this rate can be dipped by using appropriate surveillance technology that makes drivers more conscious and responsible while driving vehicles. Smart vehicle surveillance cameras record before and after footage of crashes, and accidents to assist police with instant and reliable evidence.

3. Driver surveillance

The best way of encouraging drivers to be alert and sincere while driving vehicles alone or with the public is to install a monitoring camera. When drivers know that they are under surveillance they naturally behave well with fellow passengers and adhere to traffic and on-road regulations. Vehicle surveillance cameras broadcast live footage of vehicles when on road or in the parking area to enable responders to track drivers are not damaging vehicle spare parts, using cell phones while driving, and a lot more.

4. Decreased maintenance costs

Constant monitoring of vehicles through surveillance cameras helps owners to decline the regular cost of maintenance, wear and tear, accidental compensations, legal cases, and rule violation charges. Alongside, GPS tracking assists in navigating routes to save fuel costs, enhance fleet efficiency, and safeguard drivers and passengers throughout their travel.

5. Public safety

Public transports with surveillance cameras are always monitored by security authorities in real-time. It deters the chances of crimes, assaults, tripping, theft, and violence while providing a sense of security to the passengers. Moreover, live vehicle monitoring system AI-assisted instant alerts on the detection of suspicious activities enable responders to take immediate action to stop a potential crime against a driver, public, or property.

After underlining the security advantages of surveillance camera, the next important aspect is to apprehend the key features of smart monitoring systems that efficiently deliver such benefits. It is noteworthy that not any CCTV camera can offer it all and some specific devices with innovative features would deliver satisfactory monitoring security results.

Vehicle Surveillance Camera

Salient features of advanced vehicle monitoring cameras by Ambicam

1. Wireless set-up: 4G/3G-based portable vehicle CCTV cameras can be mounted effortlessly on poles, dashboards, or doors of public and private vehicles. They do not include the hassle of wire connections or hardware support and thus saves the cost of cable fitting and technician assistance.

2. Plug and play installation: Extremely easy to deploy, these cameras take a few minutes to get up and ready. All you need is to plug and play to watch live video streaming of your vehicles on screens.

3. Cloud recording and local storage: Cloud recording is a safe and scalable option to store recorded footage for future references. You can increase the storage space at your convenience whenever needed. On the other hand, local storage offers much easier access to recorded data and video management along with utmost privacy.

4. In-house mobile application: Ambicam has its mobile application to help in scaling up camera features, installation, video sharing, device integration, etc. You can connect the surveillance camera with as many devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops) as you want to watch the live streaming of footage by using this app.

5. Real-time alerts: While delivering the ease of monitoring multiple vehicles together from any location remotely, Wireless vehicle surveillance cameras with AI algorithms also send instant alerts on identifying unfavorable activities. Real-time notifications allow security staff to take appropriate preventive actions to avoid crime.

6. FHD resolution: Boasting Full HD resolution, these CCTV cameras offer the best video quality to attain detailed visuals of incidents. Another visible benefit is the digital zoom for a closer look at a person or an object.

Vehicle surveillance cameras are the need of the hour to offer extended safety to drivers, staff, and passengers. Partner with Ambicam to find cost-effective, user-friendly, and innovative surveillance security solutions and win over the trust and appreciation of all the stakeholders.The brand provides tailor-made surveillance security solutions to businesses that fulfill their needs at best. For more details contact us now!

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