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Our Products

Ambicam Wi-Fi

Ambicam WiFi Cloud Camera gives you a wide 90 degree area of view and 20 meter IR for better night vision with better streaming service. 720P HD Video feed.

Ambicam Dome

Ambicam Dome Camera can help keep an eye on things as your family grows. It can watch as your toddler plays in his room, and later, when your teenager is home alone.

Ambicam Bullet

When it comes to security, trust a Bullet. The next level 1080p HD security bullet camera with total flexibility.

Ambicam PTZ

The world’s first and only 100% wireless, weatherproof, HD smart cloud security camera and 360° viewing angle

Introducing Ambicam Smart Cloud Camera

Anyone with kids can use an extra pair of eyes. That’s why more and more parents are buying indoor security cameras. But before you rush to get one, you’ll want to decide on the best security camera for your needs.

Why Choose Us

Live Social Sharing

Share your recording Live on a social media with a single tap from your smartphone

Two-Way Communication

A convenient way of viewing you security camera and engaging in two-way-audio talk via mobile device

Live View from Smartphone

You can easily live streaming your camera from any remote location

Top Materials

Entrepreneurial spirit, which aims to change our industry’s approach to building, one project at a time

Cloud Storage

Your recording will be always safe and directly uploaded to our cloud storage

SD Card Support

It Supports Local SD Card Storage Support which can be expanded up to 128 GB

Water Resisstant

Our cameras are weatherproof and water resistant that uses IP66

60 Seconds Setup

1 Minute simple setup procedure, just Plug, Scan and Play


Ambicam surveyors, designers, developers, project managers we built Ambicam team that have all the skill sets, knowledge and experience to execute a build from start to finish. Everyone is on the same page and on the same team too.




Latest Solutions

Office Monitoring

Monitor Your Office premises and prevent unauthorized access around office areas. Ambicam cameras can work anywhere giving you the flexibility of placement and simple wireless installation.

Home Monitoring

Ambicam Home security cameras lets you watch over what you love from every angle, indoors and outdoor, day and night.

School Monitoring

Whether in school or on the road, the safety of children/people should be a main priority. Bus monitoring solution for school administrations with an easy-to-use system to ensure safety of school children

Hospital Monitoring

Ambicam understands and keep watching on Patients & Premises. Ambicam makes it easy and affordable to keep your Hospital secured around the clock.

Cloud Storage

Our Cloud Base video recording system allows you to capture every single movements of your past, days or week.Record your clips and share it with your loved ones also get an alert of the activities you care for.