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ambicam Smart City Monitoring concept has been adopted by many Indian cities and has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Smart city monitoring is primarily designed for public safety, security and protection of assets by AI Analytics. Ambicam Smart city monitoring solution has a flexible structure that can expand if needed. Even thousands of cameras can operate in a single dashboard remotely.

ambicam – Command and Control Center (CCC)

ambicam Command and Control Center (CCC) optimizes the safety and security management of a city through Incident Management, AI Analytics, Location Information System, and Enterprise Dashboards which includes various features like, Head Counting, ANPR, Facial Recognition, No Parking Zone, Garbage Collection and Swatchh Bharat Initiative, etc.

When any critical incidents happen, Government official can take instant action and decisions. It also helps to manage all the Live Cameras remotely without any delay with interactive dashboard and gives insight.

  • Complete Real-time Video Monitoring
  • Instant exchange of analytic report
  • Traffic, Rescue operations
  • Easy Implementation
  • Multi-Purpose Dashboard
  • Weatherproof Cloud Cameras
  • Video storage on Cloud

AI Analytics Features for Smart City

  • Motion/Intrusion Detection
  • Vandalism & Temper Detection
  • Over-Crowding Detection
  • Unidentified object detection
  • Red Light Violation
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)


  • Enhanced citizen and government engagement
  • Safer communities
  • Improved transportation
  • New economic development opportunities
  • Efficient public utilities


Avoid any security hassles. Trust cloud storage for your total security needs.

Easy Access

Easily access images and information from the cloud. Avoid cumbersome local storage.


One file or hundreds, share whatever you want easily. Eliminate wasted time.

Ambicam 4G Dom PTZ

Ambicam 4G Mini Bullet

Ambicam Bullet Blue

Ambicam 4G Bullet

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