Warehouse Monitoring systems are a crucial part to manage the huge ordeal of surveillance cameras. Warehouse tends to be very organized, and on the constant lookout for surprise whether good or bad. Warehouses and storage facilities are ideal candidates for deploying warehouse Monitoring systems. Large facilities and infrastructures spread out over extensive complexes can be very challenging to secure amidst the chaos. With the help of a carefully deployed security camera throughout, warehouse authorities and managers can focus on high-risk vulnerable areas and minimize the threat of any kind of theft or crime.

Major virtues of installing and deploying surveillance cameras:


a. Deterioration of Crime:

As we hear all the time, businesses are losing millions through cargo and valuables theft. But with a video monitoring system, you can prevent theft and crime from happening. A CCTV Camera is an excellent crime deterrent medium. Thieves will most likely get demotivated and start to have second thoughts on entering your warehouse if they see those cameras installed throughout. They know that someone is always watching behind those cameras.

b. Remote Monitoring:

Another key advantage of deploying CCTV Surveillance Systems is remote and real-time monitoring. This means you can constantly monitor what’s happening inside and outside your warehouse and the activities going around it even when you’re miles away and at any time. You can see in real-time if people are following the protocols or disobeying them. This feature is very useful if you have multiple areas to monitor altogether. And it also works best if you are managing a very large warehouse.

c. Cuts Insurance Premiums:

Insurance costs are very necessary expenses which you should never neglect. Even if sometimes they cost you a lot, you still need to pay, because it’s for the known fact that they cover your back. A warehouse monitoring system can help crack down on your insurance premiums several folds. If your insurance provider comes to know that you installed CCTV cameras around your warehouse facility, they will likely give you a good amount of discount on your monthly premiums.

d. Enhanced Product Tracking:

With a CCTV system deployed throughout, you can keep a complete watch over employees and their ongoing activities. You can also use the footage as good evidence in case of any malpractice. You can keep a better track of your warehouse inventory and the goods going and coming. Always keep in mind that employees tend to behave properly if they know that someone is constantly watching them.

e. Improvise Cash Handling

Apart from products that might be get stolen, cash is another asset that you can lose. CCTV camera installed at such points can help you monitor cash handling and POS transactions. The key idea is to deploy your cameras in a position that gives you a clear and visible view of the cash handling area.

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