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My camera blue light doesn’t turn on, what should I do?

Answer : Is your camera connected to power? Please check the power cable!

Which operating systems are supported?

Answer : For, View in Browser – Flash enabled browser

Which smartphones are supported?

Answer : For, Application – ANDORID 4.0 and above, iOS 6.0 and above

Can ambicam be used outdoors?

Answer : ambicam is designed for indoor use only, but you can use in outdoor with protection against weather.

I’m really interested in two-way talk and night vision. How do I get that?

Answer :Good news! Two-way talk and night vision automatically come with the ambicam V 2.0. And it’s live now.

What happens after my 1 year recording subscription runs out?

Answer : Your ambicam will still work! You just won’t be able to record video over cloud, or access your recorded video clips in the cloud.

What’s your return policy?

Answer : For more detail you can visit our return policy on our website return policy link.

I want ambicam Recording Services. Do I buy one for each camera?

Answer : Yes. This is because each camera has its own video storage, which requires space in the cloud. Recording Services. After adding ambicam Recording Services to your first ambicam, you can watch you live feed over application and portal.

I want multiple cameras, and I also want recording services. How do I do that?

Answer : Yes, we recommend purchasing our cloud service option, then logging into your account and upgrading to the plan of your choice. You’ll get the same ambicam Recording Services plan after camera #1!

Can I have multiple cameras set up for one account?

Answer : You can have as many AmbiCam’s in your account as your bandwidth can support (each ambicam typically runs 1 Mbps of bandwidth). We generally recommend up to four per household. You can add multiple AmbiCam’s to your ambicam account, give them each a name and view different feeds from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Can I have multiple cameras in different locations?

Answer : Yes. As long as your cameras are under one account, you can place them in different locations (i.e. your home, business, vacation home, etc.) and access all of them by logging into your account via the ambicam mobile app on your smartphone, or on the web at ambicam.com. Ambicam just needs to be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network (each ambicam typically uses 150 Kbps of bandwidth).

What do i get for my ambicam cloud subscription?

Answer : Ambicam – smart cloud camera is flexible and smart. And so are our subscriptions: you can always upgrade or downgrade to any other subscription. See what suits you best and get the most out of your ambicam. So feel free to try out!

When does my subscription period start?

Answer : Ambicam wants you to use your subscription optimally. Therefore your subscription period will start, from the moment you add your ambicam to your account in the mobile app. So no days are wasted when ambicam is traveling to you.

Can i get a free trial of ambicam?

Answer : To get to know ambicam a little bit better, the ambicam subscription for watching ambicam is completely free! Your video feed will not save on cloud. While you add subscription to your camera you can see recorded feed.

I did not receive any verification email, how do i solve this?

Answer : If you didn’t receive a verification e-mail please contact our support through support@ambicam.com.

What kind of charging cable is included with ambicam?

Answer : Your ambicam need power only with the official ambicam cables. If you use other cables we cannot guaranty that your ambicam will start.

What are ambicam specifications?

Answer : See ambicam product page for all the specifications.

How can i use a SD card?

Answer : Ambicam also supports local storage. If you are using a free account without cloud storage, you can easily store your videos on a SD card. In middle of the bottom part of the ambicam and insert your SD card, below to your charging pin. You can configure the recording in SD card with the mobile application.

What kind of SD card is compatible with my ambicam?

Answer : Ambicam is compatible with Standard SD card up to 32 GB.

Ambicam is compatible with Standard SD card up to 32 GB.

Answer : Want to let your baby know not to worry? With the built-in microphone and speaker, you can ease your baby back to sleep. Ambicam includes both a built-in microphone and speaker which allows you to communicate with your ambicam through your app.

Will night vision (IR) work when ambicam looks through a window?

Answer : IR won’t work through windows. The IR sensor reflects in the window, which causes ambicam to get blinded. Please place your ambicam outside the window for optimal image quality.

I’ve configured WiFi in ambicam but not able to see live feed / ambicam blue light is not stable.

Answer : For, WiFiplease check below things.
1. Special character that are not supported in WiFi SSID or Password are “&”, “\”, “;”.
2. In WiFi router, “Allow Guest login to see each other in my local network” must be checked.
3. Any WiFi must be not be hidden to configure in device
4. Your WiFi has INTERNET Connectivity

Local Recording not working?

Answer :
– Make sure you have enable local recording option ON from CAMERA > SETTING.
– Make sure you have working SD card.
– If it doesn’t work, remove the SD card then restart the camera and wait for 1 minute, Insert SD card again. Check after 15 to 20 minutes, you will find the recording inside.

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