Ambicam is a globally innovative smart cloud CCTV cameras and security solutions provider company. The principles and vision extraordinary and advanced innovation in cloud video Management System.

The aims is to reach the maximum number of organizations and is strongly committed to all the different aspects of industries like Banking & Finance, Insurance, Retail, Electioneering, Education, Media, and government properties for monitoring, and surveillance services and solutions.

All the products designed are cloud-based with compliance of 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi networks. Their vision has kept them this motivated to achieve global leadership in business all around the world.

With highly scalable cloud infrastructure in more than 150000+ locations, which are simultaneously monitored through cloud infrastructure using Assured Cloud data center also providing complete end-to-end software solutions for Smart cloud monitoring with Wi-Fi And 4G/LTE. Their primary motive and vision are to always stay upgraded and gasp complete knowledge about all new and trending technologies within the market for safety and security purposes that are reliable and efficient for every individual.

The products blended with advanced technologies and new generation algorithms have often proved to provide full reliability and efficiency. Whether to monitor any surroundings, outdoors or indoors, monitoring at day or night, and, monitoring in any weather condition, they assist in providing full safety and security.

Solutions offered by Ambicam for Video Management System:

1. Home monitoring:

Ambicam home security solutions are Smart, Secure, and Easy. Home security surveillance camera keeps a keen eye on your residence and its surroundings to provide you with information about what’s happening when you are physically not there. Smart Security Cameras provide peace of mind 24/7 and safety to your home and family. The security Cameras can detect any kind of motion in your house and send real-time alerts with HD Video resolution and audio in your smartphone using Ambicam mobile application.

2. Office monitoring:

Completely Monitoring of your office premises and security of facilities using smart cloud camera which assists in providing real-time monitoring features from anywhere and anytime using Ambicam Android & iOS mobile application. Office Monitoring Smart Cloud CCTV surveillance solution will help to record all suspicious activities that may happen in your office or building. The FHD Smart Cloud CCTV cameras will keep a keen eye on your office premises 24/7, serving both as a preventive and a reliable way to capture criminals and malicious activities committed at your office premises.

3. School monitoring:

Schools are very important places where every individual is supposed to be very secure and safe from any malicious activities. With an increase in crime rates inside the school premises, it has become a sheer need for every school to install smart cloud CCTV security cameras to monitor the live activity of each student, teacher, and domestic staff. AI-based monitoring & Surveillance solution from now enables you to stay focused on every activity going on in your school.

Video management system

4. Hospital monitoring:

A Hospital is a place where people constantly visit to get proper treatment of their illness. Hospital Cloud CCTV Surveillance Security cameras embedded with advanced technologies allow you to monitor outdoor and indoor premises with less human or manual expert help that increases security and costs.

Patients, their family members, employees, domestic staff, and every individual working in the hospital feel a sense of safety and any security breaches can be held in regular check. Therefore, there is a sheer need for security surveillance video management systems to control and monitor the complete hospital premises.

Where increasing your man powers in terms of security just leads to most cost increased on security, so the installation of security cameras is one-time investment and chance very cost-effective. Installation of Cloud CCTV Cameras can monitor and the activities which can be carried out in and around these facilities.

5. Bus monitoring:

Live Bus Monitoring and surveillance using 4G Dome Smart Cloud Camera. Security Surveillance is immensely important for the safety and security of certain areas. Unfortunately, there are increasing threats to the safety and security of citizens in different countries around the globe mostly in public places.

Public transportation majorly public buses is not that safe anymore as they can be potential targets of vandalism, assaults, and attacks. Many petty crimes such as theft and pick-pocketing are the most common mishappening in any bus. Security cameras and surveillance systems are an efficient and strong strategy for ensuring the safety and security of passengers on public transportation, and students on their school buses.

With concern to buses, the person who can be considered an authoritative figure is the driver or sometimes the conductor. But since he/she is usually already preoccupied with driving the vehicle, it becomes tough for them to maintain that tight level of security inside and outside the bus and safely drive the bus altogether.

By installing security cameras in strategic areas inside the bus, discipline and control on the bus can be maintained throughout, a deterrent to threats is established as well as increased, and full-proof evidence can be collected in the event of an incident. Any criminal who perpetrates a crime can also be identified through the help of the video recording and can be punished.

6. Vehicle monitoring:

Regardless of bus monitoring surveillance, there came a time when every vehicle on the road whether public or private need to be monitored carefully because of the increase in crime rates on roads also such as eve-teasing, breaking traffic protocols, assaulting individuals, etc. The surveillance is done with a video management system streaming camera to monitor the city area from a centralized location.

To avoid any malicious activities in the city and to identify any suspicious activity around the city, it’s necessary to move ahead with vehicle surveillance and monitoring.

Discover the latest and innovative in-vehicle security camera technology with integrated AI & VMS for Vehicle Smart CCTV solution with the cloud. Specially designed and manufactured to provide efficient video evidence and detailed driver or passenger behavior data before, during, and after any incident. Live to monitor from Control center via cloud storage is done. Monitor and protect your vehicle from anywhere in the world, direct from our AI-based Smart Cloud Camera Solution.

7. Bank monitoring:

The bank is only one of the places which are considered as the safest place to keep your valuables and allow proper money transactions. Banks must have a complete and adequate security system to safeguard the safe from criminals. With the advancement in technologies, all banks are now configuring more reliable measures to improve their security system.

Nowadays all banks use Cloud CCTV surveillance Cameras to monitor the multiple Bank branches, ATMs, and Cash Vans which can help them to keep a check from any central location and can immediate actions can be taken if any incident happens.

It Monitors Entry & Exit, Currency counter, Locker Room, and the complete Branch both inside and outside premises. All the video footage and snapshots will be stored in a cloud which helps in the deterioration of any thefts and avoids any fraud. All Banks require a Centralized Cloud CCTV Monitoring system to be able to perform live monitoring.

CCTV Camera

8. Warehouse monitoring:

Ambicam offers a complete range of Warehouse Security solutions which is one of the most important and advantageous assets of any manufacturing or OEM Company. A warehouse is a place where you store all finished goods and products, due to which the safety and security of that place are also more crucial.

Surveillance solution to safeguard your place and provide you complete safety and security, from anywhere and at any time also through a mobile application. By the installation of the Smart Cloud Camera, you can easily monitor and keep a check on the activities happening in the warehouse the whole day and night to keep a check remotely, and recorded footage from cloud storage help you to identify any suspicious or malicious activity.

9. Smart-city monitoring:

Ambicam designed Smart City Monitoring solutions concept has been adopted and granted by many Indian cities and has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Smart city monitoring is ordinarily designed for public safety, security, and protection of their assets. AI-enabled Smart city monitoring solution has a flexible structure that can be expanded to great extents if needed. Even multiple cameras can operate in a single dashboard remotely. this is fully maintained and controlled.

The major benefits of choosing the best security cameras with these benefits are hard to find. Here are some of the reasons and benefits to choosing Ambicam products are equipped with new-generation technologies making the security camera more reliable and efficient.

There is a wide range of products available according to every need and requirement of the consumers:

1. Live sharing to an authorized individual
2. Cloud storage
3. Live streaming through application
4. Special Ambicam application for android & IOS
5. Water-resistant
6. Two-way audio communication
7. SD card support
8. Exterior structure with top materials
9. 60 seconds setup
10. Easy installation

A complete range of products and solutions designed to provide complete surveillance at your premises. It is the world’s leading supplier of surveillance products and solutions. If you are planning to get a security surveillance system for your business or your home or other surrounding areas, then Ambicam offers a complete and comprehensive set of Best CCTV Camera to meet every security and safety requirement.

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