In today’s era where businesses are growing spontaneously, there are some businesses which need storage areas like storehouse or warehouses. It’s a sheer need nowadays to monitor storehouses and warehouses because valuable items to every business are stored there.

A wide range of products stored in extensive halls and complexes becomes very challenging to provide safety and security, by the installation of best CCTV camera for warehouse security throughout the premise minimize the threat of thefts and focus on risky areas.

HD security cameras with various specific features like PTZ and AI-driven technology have great capabilities that assist the owners to keep a keen eye on the entire warehouse from almost every angle. Working with an experienced CCTV surveillance security camera system service provider company like Ambicam gives you a great experience and safety precautions. Ambicam offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor surveillance security systems for every warehouse.

Some of the major benefits of warehouse security cameras are-

    • Reduction in thefts- installation and implementation of warehouse security surveillance cameras will help in the prevention of thefts and burglaries of every kind.
    • Provide security of building/complex- installation of security cameras will allow the owners or security officials to perform and witness more security patrols and protect the building or complex. They can monitor the warehouse 24/7.
    • Remote monitoring- to monitor remotely with the help of CCTV surveillance security cameras is helpful to manage multiple warehouses or a very large complex. All the footage is archived in cloud storage and can be retrieved whenever needed.

Suggestions for warehouse security camera configuration-

    • Always place the cameras in open areas like warehouse floors and walls.
    • Majorly the security cameras should be installed at the entrances and exits of warehouses
    • Security cameras can also be installed at the corners of warehouses so that every activity comes under notice.
    • Installation of security cameras should also be done where valuables are stored.
    • Security cameras installation in office and administrative areas can provide help reduction of thefts like stealing company’s records and petty cash.

Some of the majorly designed security camera systems are-

1.Ambicam 4G dome camera-

Ambicam’s security dome PTZ camera systems by VMukti are featured to use state-of-the-art 8MP image sensors as it allows the camera to produce an image that is approx. 4 times the size of a standard 1080P HD security camera. The presence of larger sensors in the camera also captures more light which leads to the improvement of the performance in low light to increase overall picture quality. It’s also blended with the PTZ technique which works over some networks, also suited with cloud monitoring for optimum security and reliability. Easy to install and use, these security cameras are very cost effective. Due to its dome like structure, it provides great benefits in covering wide area because of wide angle lens it uses. It has unparalleled 4G and Wi-Fi video capabilities. there is an easy access of live streams from desktop, mobile and tablets through Ambicam’s application. Some major specifications are- 

    • Sensor- 2.0 MP
    • Lens- 1.19mm
    • IR Led- distance up to 15m
    • Wireless networking

2.Ambicam 4k camera-

VMukti designed a true 4k smart cloud CCTV camera cumulative with artificial intelligence and deep learning. It is able to extract humans and vehicles information from massive video data and store snapshots of the objects for efficient video footage search and retrieval. It uses latest deep learning technology to extract human data and store snapshots of the objects or individual for efficient video footage.4K security cameras give us the benefits of high pixel density which allows for clear digital zoom. It helps in easy and simple archival and retrieval of stored data from cloud storage. Some of the major specifications are-

    • Cloud/4g monitoring
    • Smart IR up to 120 m distance
    • Environmental durability
    • Extraordinary low light performance

3.Ambicam Bullet camera-

Edge AI-based bullet camera is one of the smartest products from Ambicam’s smart product family. This PTZ ANPR bullet camera is one of the 4K technology products equipped with edge AI features such as ANPR detection, object detection, facial recognition, intrusion, and many other features. This is the type of surveillance system with an active response and real-time alarm with deep learning technique. The technique allows extracting humans and vehicles from massive video data stored and take snapshots of the objects for efficient video footage search and retrieval. Rather than other common features, it provides us with HD streams to make every detail visible. The various specifications are-

    • Sensor-2 MP CMOS low lux
    • Lens- 2.8 mm
    • IR Led- 30 IR Led up to 20 M distance
    • Auto day & night mode
    • 2 way audio

4.Ambicam 4G mini bullet camera-

4G mini bullet security camera designed by Ambicam are professional surveillance camera for your workplace as well as for your homes. They are designed with advanced features like FHD resolution, SD card support up to 64 GB, plug and play instant alert, and easy DIY setup. Due to low bandwidth consumption, it’s very cost-effective. You can live monitor from your smart-phones and tablets using Ambicam’s mobile application. The major specifications are-

    • Sensor: 2MP FHD
    • Display Resolution: 1920×1080
    • Lens: 3.6 MM, 2.8 MM lens

5.Ambicam PRO2-

Ambicam Pro2 designed a full HD security service camera with Wi-Fi support and 2 way audio support. It contains of various specific features such as plug-and-play, summary within 60 seconds, and SD card support up to 128 GB. This camera helps in providing assistance in live monitoring of any area 24*7 and this can be viewed with the help of application on mobile phones, tablets, etc. The specifications are as provided-

    • Sensor- 2MP CMOS low lux
    • Lens- 2.8 mm
    • IR Led- 1 high power IR Led
    • Auto day & night mode
    • 2 way audio

6.Ambicam 4G dome PTZ camera-

4G dome PTZ security camera designed by intermixing of two advanced technologies. The dome and PTZ technologies both are among the trending technologies in today’s time. The dome structure hep to get a closer look of every object or individual due to its wide angle lens. PTZ technology (pan-tilt-zoom) is used to cover wide area and camera works by moving the camera in different directions using PTZ Option to get a whole picture of the surveillance area and zooming in for further detail of security events. The pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities make it possible to monitor large areas with a single camera. Some of its major specifications are-

    • Sensor- 2.0 MP
    • Lens- 1.19mm
    • IR Led- distance up to 15m
    • Angle coverage- 360 degree view angle
    • Auto night vision
    • Wireless networking

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