Ambicam manufactured 4g CCTV camera with an inbuilt sim card slot and smart cloud technology. Advancements in technologies led to a complete revolution of the security manufacturing industry, the launching of 4G security camera systems has hit the market and day by day gaining immense popularity among the consumers using standard security cameras, due to its enhanced features and integration of new-generation technologies. The 4g security camera is an ideal and most effective solution for monitoring both indoor and outdoor areas. With the help of these security cameras, one can also keep surveillance on remote locations via a phone application.

Ambicam’s security solutions include a different range of 4G CCTV  cameras integrated with different features and technologies:


1. 4G Dome PTZ camera:

Ambicam 4G H.265+ Dome PTZ smart cloud security cameras are a professional and excellent surveillance system choice for your premises whether home or office as it monitors the entire wide area and the camera works by moving in all different directions using pan-tilt-zoom option and the due to its dome structure the camera becomes easily visible to criminals, giving a whole picture of the surveillance area with enhanced zooming in for minute details. This camera is best for both indoor and outdoor surveillance.

4G CCTV Camera

2. 4G Dome camera:

Ambicam 4G Dome smart cloud cameras are a professional surveillance system for premise monitoring. 4G SIM-based Smart Cloud Dome CCTV cameras equipped with sim card slot and dome-shaped structure assist you monitor every instance of the day providing you with real-time streams and an instant alert system. Easy to install and cost-effective with effective use via mobile application. This is the best camera for indoor surveillance like a house or workplace.

3. 4G Mini Bullet camera:

4G Mini Bullet cameras work 24/7 via cloud technology to help you monitor from anywhere and at any time. The security camera is a structured cylinder with all the advanced featured integrated within. This 4g camera is easy to install and cost-effective, as it can be installed without any professional help. These smart cameras come with unparalleled Wi-Fi video capabilities which helps to provide complete safety.

Major benefits of these cameras concerning security and safety of your premise:

1. Cloud/4G monitoring for optimum security
2. HD streams for clarity
3. Save 80% of your storage
4. Low bandwidth costs
5. Real-time monitoring from any location and any time
6. Access live streams via an application
7. Built-in motion and audio detection to track every intruder
8. Digital Zoom in for a closer look at individuals and objects
9. The compact and space-saving system
10. Wide Angle View for wide coverage

Enhanced features integrated with smart 4G security solutions
  • FHD resolution
  • SD Card Support up to 128GB storage
  • Low Bandwidth Consumption
  • Plug and Play
  • Instant Alert system
  • Share and download videos
  • H.264 compression
  • Cloud storage
  • Live view
  • No wires or cables
  • 4G SIM Support
  • DIY setup
  • Mobile app

Ambicam 4G CCTV cameras come with FHD resolution and operate on 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi network connections. It is an effective video monitoring solution with no NVR/DVR, wire-free and hassle-free, works efficiently when in areas with limited networks or no WiFi access.

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