2022, a new year we all are welcoming with unmatched zeal, hopes, and optimism but at the same time let us be cautious about the security of our lives and valuables. Celebrations multiply when you feel a sense of security around you. And it happens when you protect your surroundings with a reliable monitoring system like smart indoor security cameras. What could be a better new year’s resolution than promising a secure environment to your loved ones, helpers, stakeholders, and of course yourself? Lets us live it to the fullest by installing an indoor security camera at banks, malls, residences, basements, offices, warehouses, and all those places which host our assets.

Once you are convinced to get your property an indoor camera, a multitude of other thoughts come across your mind such as:

1. How can a video surveillance system enhance your security?
2. What are the characteristics of an authentic and effective surveillance camera?
3. What are the applications of an indoor security camera?

Board-in to find all possible solutions to your queries with us in this article. Let us begin!

Indoor Security Camera

Sturdy surveillance cameras are security boosters:

CCTV cameras embedded with innovation have reinvented the concept of video surveillance space. These devices have brought multiple locations of owners on a single screen and have fulfilled the void of distance among assets, people, owners, and responders through remote configuration and monitoring methods. Imagine being on a vacation miles away from your house or office but still being able to be present with your working staff all around the office virtually through a video management system.

Irrespective of your location and time zone, you will be able to monitor what is happening at your office, who is visiting your house, how your employees are performing, the footfall your business is experiencing, and much more. VMS enables users to integrate unlimited cameras into a single smart device to watch live videos broadcasted by these cameras.

7 integral factors inspiring you to opt for an indoor security camera

1. Remote access to your property

Access your properties all 24×7 and 365 days while being anywhere across the globe. You own the right to allow or restrict entry to a known or a stranger into your personal and professional premises just by clicking on a button. With the two-way communication facility offered by smart indoor surveillance cameras, you can communicate with the person on the other side to decide your next action.

2. Sensors and detectors

Smart cameras promise precision and accuracy are they feature in-built sensors and detectors based on AI/ML algorithms. Such sensors include face recognition, object and motion detector, etc. that automatically and immediately inform you about every anomaly suspected on the grounds you own. These intelligent devices possess the capabilities of recognizing differences amongst human footsteps, shadows, objects, waving trees, birds, and other common phenomena and therefore raise accurate alarms with minimal scope of false positives.

3. Business intelligence

By leveraging video analytics, smart CCTV cameras store all the recorded data systematically within the system using meta tags for categorical division of files based on names/codes/dates. This data is automatically converted into useful insights that can be used for business intelligence to promote better and data-driven decisions using video analytics.

4. COVID- specific checks

Boasting advanced technologies like thermal imaging cameras or people counting sensors help workplaces, malls, hospitals, airports, schools, and even vehicles identify people with abnormal body temperature to restrict their entry into space. People counting or crowd detection notify on the violation of social distancing and overcrowding to ensure the adherence to the COVID-19 safety protocols are being maintained.

5. Hassle-free installation

Modern indoor security cameras like those manufactured by Ambicam come with an extremely simple and quick DIY installation process. As a result, the camera excludes the hassle of additional hardware, bulky supportive infrastructure, the intervention of manpower, and wiring. You can get a surveillance camera up and running by simply plugging and playing it on your mobile through the Ambicam app.

6. Ergonomic design and sturdiness

Space-saving, sleek and lightweight cameras made from industry-standard material offer complete flexibility of camera application and replacement. These cameras are designed strategically to withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain, summer heat, and cold waves of winter to deliver accurate monitoring results all around the year.

7. Cloud connectivity

Ambicam cameras provide scalable cloud connectivity with added flexibility. The videos, audios, images recorded by CCTV cameras through their live streaming are saved and stored in the cloud. Cloud connectivity allows organized storage, downloading, playing, and sharing of the recorded videos for further references.

Scope of applications

After unveiling the characteristics of an effective indoor security camera it is integral to understand which all spaces can be protected by deploying a surveillance security system indoors.

  1. Schools
  2. Hospitals
  3. Malls
  4. Retail shops
  5. Warehouses
  6. Under construction sites
  7. Houses, offices, shops
  8. Airports and railway stations
  9. Vehicles and a lot more

It would not be possible to convince yourself enough to purchase a CCTV camera without knowing about the benefits of indoor security cameras. So move ahead with us to put light on the benefits of resilient security cameras.

  • Help in reducing local, expected, and unexpected crimes
  • Document the entire incident in audio-visual and image format that can be used as valid proof in the court against the suspect
  • Uninterrupted live streaming of multiple locations on a single platform
  • Safe and secure data storage option to keep the confidential data organized and protected
  • Deter crime and limit intrusion
  • Enhance a sense of safety for employees, family members, passengers, guests, etc.
  • High-grade video recording even at night with night-vision feature to get clear video
  • Wide-angle video to gain more coverage
  • Economical in budget and save 80% of storage and bandwidth costs
  • 4K video streaming for crystal clear quality and zoom-in feature to find every detail precisely

Do you still have questions about an indoor security camera? Ambicam CCTV cameras is there to help you at every step right from your research to selecting a camera, best suitable to your needs to learn how to install it and after-sales support. One answer to all your security surveillance tech queries – Ambicam.

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