Wireless security surveillance camera systems are the most reliable and effective way to keep an eye on your home and spot any potential danger beforehand. The best Home Security Cameras come with features to help you provide complete peace and reliability by monitoring your home premises day and night, indoor or outdoor surveillance and sending you real-time alerts when they detect any kind of intrusion and motion.

These wireless smart security surveillance cameras automatically transfer video footage to your smart-phones or some security cameras also comes with an application to monitor your homes 24/7 with the help of tablets, desktops, and phones over some networks so, you can see what’s happening by live monitoring it, wherever you are.

Home security surveillance systems are equipped with specific features like auto night vision and automatic motion-detection sensors, and some even have the capability to 2-way audio communication, so, you can talk with whomever you see, around the security camera. There are a lot of wireless home security cameras in the market, which are both affordable and easy to install, so choosing the best model can be tricky and time-consuming. We’ve researched and tested dozens of cameras, and evaluated their several features.

In the need of every hour, it’s very eminent to make every individual feel safe and secure in whatever premises they are. This can be also done by the deployment of security surveillance systems in their household premises, and surroundings, but with the idea of installing security camera systems at our premises; there are various questions raised in our mind that which camera will be the best? Which one will be the best for night surveillance? Which new features the camera must have? What are the requirements, and needs? And the list of questions goes on.

To overcome these problems, Ambicam prepared a CCTV camera guide for home premises, which will help you to solve all the major doubts gathering in the mind. Firstly while buying a security camera system you should look upon a security camera that fulfills your needs and requirements, and has all desirable features designed with advanced technology.

Features you should take care, while buying Security CCTV Camera:

1. Best CCTV camera manufacturing brand in your country

Ambicam is of the most popular and reputed brands for manufacturing security surveillance camera systems and solutions in India, and in USA. This company offers a variety of security camera surveillance services equipped with advanced technologies and trending algorithms. They can be used to monitor every premise.

2. Outdoor or indoor security surveillance

Outdoor surveillance cameras are specially taken into the consideration for outer spaces including wide grounds, outside shops, markets, public places, etc. These cameras normally have some specific technologies like PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) because it allows them to take wide-angle views of open spaces. On the other hand, indoor surveillance cameras are the best-required surveillance systems for offices and homes or inner premises. They are compact and small compared to outdoor cameras, and usually have a dome shape because it allows the capturing of the limited area viewed only.

3. Price and warranty

A basic and decent quality security camera comes with a warranty period of at least one year and has a nominal prices range whereas vigorous and advanced features security cameras have a warranty period of up to 3 years are somewhat pricey.

4. Wired or wireless security cameras

Wired security cameras are quite popular because of their decent price, good quality, and affordability with reliability. These cameras are mostly connected to DVR through a coax cable or cord. They are tough and powerful because of the hardwired connection. On the other hand, wireless cameras are becoming prominent because of their advanced features, and hassle-free installation. They offer several benefits regarding mobility and scalability.

5. The Maximum range of the security camera

The maximum range of CCTV surveillance camera systems majorly depends on the focal length of the lens, the size of its sensor to captures an image, and the width of the lens when we want more clarity in images of objects or individuals captured from farther distances, the range should be more.

Does the camera come with cloud storage or as internal storage on DVR?

Advancement in CCTV technology has led to an advanced feature known as cloud storage, in this, the recordings or images captured by the security camera get archived and stored in cloud storage, and that data can be retrieved whenever required. There is no chance of misplacing or missing any data. Many security cameras don’t have any internal storage, so, they depend on hard disk contained in DVR.

Does it have a motion and audio detection sensor?

Smart security surveillance cameras are equipped with motion and audio detection sensors. This security camera only starts the recording when it detects any movement or audio of objects or individuals in its field of view. This saves the internal storage, and the operator’s time to monitor continuously. Audio sensors are equally important in smart security cameras because detection of unusual sounds will be recorded and real-time alerts are generated and sent to the owners. This is the best and reliable way to keep homes safe and secure.

Ambicam is a globally innovative and leading smart cloud CCTV camera and security solutions provider company. Its major vision is to bring out a massive transformation in the lives of billions of people through incredible and advanced innovation in cloud video analytics technology.

The aims to reach the maximum number of individuals and is strongly committed to all the different aspects of industries like Banking & Finance, Insurance, Retail, Electioneering, Education, Media, and The government institution for monitoring, and surveillance services and solutions.

All the products are cloud-enabled and 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi network compliant. Their vision has kept them is motivated to achieve global leadership in the business. With highly scalable cloud infrastructure in more than 150000+ locations, which are simultaneously monitored through cloud infrastructure using Assured Cloud data center also providing complete end-to-end software solutions for Smart cloud monitoring with Wi-Fi Security Cameras And 4G/LTE.

Their ultimate motive and vision are to always stay upgraded and have complete knowledge of all new technologies for safety and security purposes which are reliable and efficient for every individual.

home security camera

Some of its majorly used camera systems for home surveillance are

A. Wi-Fi camera:

These cameras assist in both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Wi-Fi CCTV security camera system is a cloud wireless camera that is best for residential homes and offices. It’s a complete day and night monitoring system. Installation of a Wi-Fi security surveillance camera system throughout your complete house can provide you with full peace of mind 24/7. It is equipped with a 2-way audio communication system. It also has multiple specific features like real-time monitoring, night vision, cloud storage, and motion-detection alerts.

The different product range of Wi-Fi security cameras are:

1. Smart cloud camera
PRO2 camera
3. B
ullet camera
4. D
ome camera
Wi-Fi bullet camera
6. D
ome Wi-Fi cloud camera

B. 4G cameras:

This camera is 4G clouds CCTV security surveillance camera system with an in-built sim card slot, best suitable and efficient for an outdoor and remote location. These types of CCTV security systems perform every operation on 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi networks and connections. This is an ideal monitoring solution for security with the use of no NVR/DVR, no hardwired connections, and can also work progressively in areas with limited or no Wi-Fi access. Due to advancements in technology and trends, it gives instant alerts directly on your phone application.

The product range of 4G security cameras are:

1. 4G dome PTZ camera
4G mini bullet camera
4G dome camera

C. PTZ camera:

This camera is designed to monitor large and wide areas due to the PTZ camera, embedded with a deep learning algorithm and wide lens for a wide-angle view of the surveillance area. PAN-TILT-ZOOM technology is the most trending and advanced technology because of its capabilities to capture and monitor the large area in its field of view.

The camera is subcategorized into:

1. 4G dome PTZ camera
VMukti edge AI dome camera

D. 4K camera:

offers a 4K UHD camera which is a perfect combination of intelligence and accuracy. The camera is designed with AI-based and deep learning technologies. It is a surveillance system with active response capability and a real-time alarm system. The latest and trending deep learning technology allows this security camera to extract human and object data from video footages and store snapshots of several objects for efficient video recording search and retrieval.

Some of its subcategorized products are:

1. Edge object & face detection cameras
AI-based face recognition cameras
Edge-based PTZ ANPR bullet camera
4K dome PTZ camera

E. Edge AI-driven camera:

VMukti designed product provides assistance to enable intelligent edge devices through AI-based camera. Edge is prominent to deliver some essential capabilities like local data processing, filtered data transfer to the cloud storage, and lastly fast decision making. The use of edge technology is all about running AI algorithms locally on any physical device by collecting data on-site. This is a highly customizable solution utilizing all the trending latest technologies. Edge is a perfectly intelligent solution to every problem because it enables complex tasks to be performed right at the speed with very low cost and high speed.

Some of its sub-products are:

1. Edge AI-based ANPR bullet camera
Edge AI-driven face recognition camera
Edge AI-based face & object detection camera

Ambicam has a complete range of products and systems available on Amazon for complete surveillance of your premises. If you are planning to get a security surveillance system for your business or your home, then They offers a complete and comprehensive set of solutions to meet your security and safety requirements.

The products designed with advanced technologies and new generation algorithms have often proved to provide full reliability and efficiency. Whether are any surroundings, outdoors or indoors, whether be day or night and in fact in any weather condition, they assist in providing full safety and security.

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