It is undeniable to say that the mainstream market has seen a tremendous rise in the popularity of CCTV surveillance cameras. Increasing crime rates, altering landscapes of life, and advantages of innovations are the catalysts of the prominence of video security systems.

As the current times demand worldwide acceptance of digital technologies for better survival of lives and businesses, advanced surveillance cameras are gaining focus. Modern CCTV surveillance cameras are the epitome of innovation and utility that combine to deliver optimized safety against visible and invisible threats along with multiple unexpected benefits.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the interesting facts about CCTV cameras to help you understand why these digital devices are gaining momentum in public, corporate, and domestic domains. Alongside, we will highlight some light facts about the origin and relevance of CCTV surveillance cameras.

We will begin with the facts related to the utility and scope of video security cameras in our regular life. Let us explore: CCTV Surveillance Camera

Important Facts about CCTV Surveillance Camera:

1. Monitor way more than you expect

Would you believe that you pass through CCTV cameras almost 300 times a day whenever you step out of your home?

Yes, that’s true. While you do not notice the number of cameras installed around you and all over the town, there is at least a CCTV camera in every 3rd building that records you in its video. Particularly in urban areas where houses, businesses, small or big supermarket spaces, every place deploy security surveillance cameras to ensure their safety inside out.

All these cameras record your images and videos while you are busy with your regular chores such as traveling to the office, picking and dropping children from home to school and vice-versa, or roaming around the city casually. Needless to say, having a CCTV camera on your premises is a must to stay cautious and deter any sort of criminal activity.

2. Embraced worldwide by houses and businesses

The penetration of digital surveillance solutions in global operations is just outstanding. From checkpoints to airports, businesses to governmental affairs, homes to smart cities, not even a single spot is spared from the application of CCTV cameras. An awestruck figure of over 25 million surveillance cameras is functional globally, safeguarding schools, offices, malls, healthcare centers, police stations, vehicles, etc.

Smart cities are worth a mention when it comes to defining the role of security cameras in managing large-scale processes like traffic management, garbage management, law and order maintenance all over the city. The more people are recognizing the potential and benefits of video monitoring systems the more they are embracing these technologies to secure their valuable assets and properties across the globe.

3. Multiply business ROIs manifold

Smart CCTV cameras such as Ambicam’s video security systems are the new choices for businesses. These devices are designed with smart AI-enabled technology that works on algorithms and deliver much more than a meager recording of video footage. Ambicam wireless security cameras are highly flexible, scalable, cost-effective, and functional.

Along with 24*7 live video broadcasts, these smart cameras translate recorded data into meaningful information that can be used by businesses to make informed decisions. While being a visible indication of security, these cameras offer a feel of security to employees and customers at commercial sites, monitor employee performance, track customer satisfaction, and regulate crime and internal friction. As a result, it all combines to bring higher ROI for businesses while improving their brand value and customer loyalty.

4. Silent yet effective tool to deter employee theft

Just like your personal family, you have another family that is a business family and employees are the most valuable members of this family. Unfortunately, not every employee has mutual feelings in this regard and they tend to be unfaithful. Considering the reports revealed by the US Department of Commerce, around 75% of staff members are lured to steal your business property either in cash or material.

However, having a video surveillance camera deployed at all strategic points where loose goods or valuable belongings are kept, employee theft can be controlled effectively. When CCTV captures the video of an employee stealing something, he/she cannot deny the allegations as the employer has valid proof of their immorality.

Furthermore, it helps owners differentiate between sincere and dishonest employees and make required changes in management and employee norms. Knowing the fact that employees are under surveillance, they consciously work more diligently and sincerely. Thus, the presence of surveillance cameras automatically improves workplace management, ethics, and productivity to enhance the overall experience for employees and employers alike.

Moving ahead, let us highlight some research-based facts about CCTV cameras to give you an idea about the emergence and current positioning of video surveillance cameras in the world. Moreover, we have accumulated some interesting numbers emphasizing the relevance and role of CCTV cameras in our regular lives. Have a look.

1942 was the year when the first CCTV was deployed in Germany to record the launch of the V2 rocket. Then 20 years later, in 1962 surveillance cameras were brought to the public domain. From that period till date, CCTV cameras have come a long way in terms of advancements, utility, features, designs, and functionalities.

Today 25 million security cameras are deployed worldwide out of which the UK alone as a nation has installed around 4 million cameras. The country has the highest number of CCTV per head of population as compared to other nations. Industry experts suggest that CCTV cameras are an extremely effective tool for dissuading trespassing and robbery at homes and workplaces. No less than 67% of stealing activities can be controlled by installing a video surveillance camera.

Modern CCTV surveillance cameras are indeed your partner to stop crime around your residence, business, and city. These innovative devices allow users to be virtually available at their mainstream or isolated properties remotely all day and night from any corner of the world. Above all accessing a CCTV camera and its usage and maintenance are quite simple which makes it more popular amongst populations.

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