Food, clothes, shelter, and equally important ‘security!

No matter where you are, inside your home, office, or anywhere out ensuring your and your loved ones’ security is a priority. At some point in your life, you might have experienced a dent in your car while it is parked in a basement. A wallet or a pochette being stolen from your pocket, or something awful that has compelled you to be more cautious and considerate about your safety.

Today’s smart surveillance systems are not just the devices that record the footage and stream it for you. But a lot beyond that! Modern CCTV solutions are wireless security cameras that connect to a Wi-Fi connection at your place, enabling you to watch the entire property through live streaming on a single screen.

There might have been times when you were able to identify who has stolen a thing from you. And many times you have not found any clue about the culprit or that criminal incident. If you can relate to any of such incidents, it may be high time you need to take appropriate precautions to safeguard yourself and your valuables.

Time to have a wireless security cameras

Wireless security cameras are ideal for inside and outside security surveillance akin. Equipped with smart data analytics features, these cameras are automated security agents looking after people and possessions tirelessly all day and night. Security cameras these days are the most effective devices to control crime in and around your property, vehicles, public places, or all around the city.

With novel developments in the field of technology, especially the surveillance security industry, enterprises, and households can now access a smart monitoring camera for their personal and commercial use. Modern security cameras would cost you a few thousand dollars but in return protect your expensive and priceless belongings.

Protect your valuables with the best wireless security cameras

What makes a wireless security camera the best for you? Its features! Its advancement! Its durability! Its reliability! Based on all these factors, we will explore two of the best wireless cameras for your homes.


4G SIM-Based Dome PTZ Camera for Indoor Surveillance

Best wireless security camera with smart features and cloud technology. An impeccable monitoring CCTV camera for indoors that offers wide coverage with its PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) movements. It allows responders to view even the smallest detail of an incident with great clarity and precision using the zoom feature.

4G SIM-Based Bullet Camera for Outdoor Surveillance

A steadfast and compact smart cloud 4G SIM-based CCTV camera providing effective security surveillance solutions to offices and homes both in and outdoor. It comes easy on installation and broadcasts high-quality video footage for a clear view.

Both these cameras are products of Ambicam, a top brand of smart cloud security cameras in India and in USA. Let us now have a detailed look at the common but next-gen features of both cameras.

  1. Come with full high-definition resolution quality
  2. Quick and convenient DIY installation with plug and play formula
  3. Work on rechargeable 4G SIM card technology
  4. Consume low bandwidth due to automatic video compression of H.264
  5. Integrate easily with multiple devices including mobiles, laptops, desktops, tablets
  6. Support SD card of up to 128
  7. Broadcast live video streaming all 24×7
  8. Send real-time push notifications on detecting anything unfavorable
  9. Offer 2-way communications to know who is at your doorstep remotely without having to open your door
  10. Records and save the recording of the events in a secure and organized manner in SIM card and cloud
  11. Hassle-free monitoring of areas under surveillance with night vision throughout the night
  12. Use AI/ML algorithm for motion detection alerts
  13. Configure with Ambicam in-house app to offer central viewing platform
  14. 100% wireless set-up to eliminate the hassle of cables

wireless security cameras

Along with these technologically advanced features, these wireless security cameras from Ambicam offer multiple advantages to users. Read below:

  1. Keep an eye on your workplace, residence, parking lot, or any isolated spot anytime from anywhere by installing a surveillance camera. It offers remote surveillance services through the mobile app on your portable screening devices, keeping you safe from crime and infections during these times of pandemics.
  2. Flexibility to scale up features and storage space to cater to your personal and professional security monitoring needs using the cloud storage facility
  3. Cloud storage offers utmost safety to the recorded data by diminishing all the risks of data tampering, manipulation, cyber-attack, etc.
  4. Do not include the cost and stress of camera installation from a professional. No requirement for additional skills for DIY installation and no need for cables or DVRs
  5. Constructed from superior grade material and smart technology to offer maximum durability and resilience. These cameras withstand even the worst weather conditions and stay functional throughout heat waves of summer, foggy and cold times of winters, rains, etc.
Why buy the best wireless cameras from Ambicam?

Ambicam is a leader in creating and delivering next-generation security surveillance product in India and overseas. The brand believes in offering custom-made security systems to clients to meet their personal and business requirements with the best of products and services. It acts as a consultant as well as a service provider that accompanies its client throughout the journey of identifying surveillance needs, picking up the most suitable product, and assisting in after-sales services.

With a stellar experience of 11 years in the market, Ambicam has successfully delivered over 100 projects in different spaces including the public sector, corporate industry, education and healthcare sector, smart cities, and many others. It endeavors to optimize the security in and outside the spaces of its clients with its wide range of advanced and smart cloud-based security cameras and related equipment.


Wireless security cameras are here to stay for long

Along with the features and benefits discussed above, wireless cameras are the future because of the added convenience it offers. Wireless cameras do not restrict the user to track a single area throughout the time a camera remains in use. It rather gives the flexibility of repositioning the camera to any location when and where required.

Wireless CCTV camera can be connected with any Wi-Fi connection that is in range. Wireless cameras with 4G SIM technology do not even rely on a Wi-Fi connection to get started. You can use 4G SIM-based security cameras even in remote locations, every outdoor location, vehicle, and city with or without having a good network connection. Such convenience of installation, operations, storage, and functionality makes it an eligible security device that will go a long way.

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