CCTV is the utilization of a video camera to transmit a signal to the desired place on a finite set of monitors. CCTV camera systems have stepped into the digital surveillance world, and have renamed itself as  “CCTV Camera Systems”. IOT is already hyped in the market and various industries, and now CCTV camera systems have integrated with IOT. The IOT allows all the network cameras to think individually and take necessary smart actions on their own.

IOT-based cameras also have the feature of covering up for the damaged camera. AI-based CCTV surveillance is also in high demand. The AI CCTV Camera System sends an alert as soon as it identifies any invader invading during the restricted period of the day.

What are the Benefits of CCTV Camera System?

Nowadays, if you do not have any video surveillance security system installed on your premises, then you are considered clumsy. The advancement in technology has made video surveillance security not only highly accessible but also affordable.

CCTV camera systems

Mentioned below are few benefits of availing CCTV camera systems:

Impeding Criminals

The sheer whereabouts of a camera placed outside the house or office, or warehouse can determine criminals. Using dummy cameras can be dangerous and can be identified from a mile away. But if you install a smart CCTV camera system from a professional security surveillance service provider, in case you become the pawn of a burglary, the hidden smart cameras will record the entire incident and helps you to find lead, arrest the criminal, and recover your stolen items.

Mitigating the Police

In case any robbery occurs, your expert security cameras will have recorded the entire incident. This will help the police in finding lead, as the video recording will be of high-definition quality. This will keep your office or warehouse, or house safe. This way the culprit will be held easily and your goods will be returned.

Monitoring in on the Family

The new smart security cameras are not limited to the safeguarding of a home, they also enable you to scrutinize your kids while you are at work. Generally, families with a pair of working parents find themselves in a dilemma when their kids go out of school in the mid-afternoon. Provided a smart camera security system, a parent can always check in on their kids while working in the office using the remote monitoring feature available in the system.

Monitor the Activities of the Employees

As the camera captures the footage 24*7, business owners can keep a trail of all the incidents happening at the premises. It also helps to scrutinize the visitors coming to the site. When employees know they are under constant surveillance, they will keep a check on their conduct and behavior.

What are the types of CCTV Camera Systems?

In today’s time, when we are observing a high spike in crime and anti-social activity rate, one’s security is the most vital thing. In these hard times, security surveillance has come to our rescue. Whether it’s about indoor security or outdoor security, CCTVs are of great help. There is a various option in CCTVs according to your need.

Let’s discuss a few popular types of CCTV Camera System:

1. Wi-Fi CCTV Camera

A Wi-Fi Cloud CCTV Camera System transmits a video and for the next signal to a wireless receiver with the help of a radio band. It is of two types – analog wireless and digital wireless cameras. Analog wireless cameras are cost-effective and receive multiple signals per camera. Digital wireless has a wide range of transmission, it has high video and audio quality too.

2. PTZ CCTV Camera

A Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera works by moving the camera in various directions in order to achieve an aggregate picture of the surveillance area and whirling or zooming in for more technicalities of security events. PTZ CCTV Cameras are in high demand because of their ability to cover a wide area.

3. Face Recognition CCTV Camera

A face recognition camera system is a technology proficient in matching a human face with a digital image or video structure contrary to a face database. It is widely used to substantiate users through identity verification services. It works on the principle of pinpointing and hence measures facial characteristics from a stored or given image.

4. ANPR CCTV Camera

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. As the name suggests, ANPR CCTV confiscates and documents the registration number and then allows a vehicle to either enter or asks to leave your premises. ANPR is also considered the heart of the ITS System.

5. Edge AI CCTV Camera

Edge AI is all about functioning AI algorithms provincially on a physical device assembling data on-site. Edge AI facilitates complex tasks to be performed right on the spot at high speed and low cost. The Edge AI CCTV Camera has a versatile design.


Whether it’s a business premise or home, security surveillance is very vital both indoor or outdoor. Keeping security surveillance in place will protect every unauthorized activity at bay. Staying and keeping safe should be our priority.

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