Cloud CCTV Camera is one of the best examples of trending and advancements in technology. 4G LTE wireless security camera systems are majorly ideal for remote locations when there is no option for a point-to-point wireless system or hardwired broadband and security camera surveillance connection, but cell service is available.

If you have cell phone service at your surveillance premises, you will have the most probable capability to use 4G SIM Card Security Camera LTE or Wi-Fi cellular communications to access your video security surveillance camera system. This security surveillance camera comes with SIM Card Slot and is the most reliable and efficient choice for outdoor and remote locations.

Some of the major benefits of CCTV camera:


Some security surveillance cameras are customized and some are not, but these are the most common features you’ll find in almost every surveillance camera:

1. FHD resolution for proper clarity
2. SD card support up to 64 GB storage
3. Proper 60-seconds summary
4. Plug-and-play algorithm
5. Easy sharing and downloading of videos
6. H.264 compression video quality
7. Advanced cloud-storage
8. Real-time monitoring facility
9. Cable and wiring hassle-free system
10. 4g/LTE/Wi-Fi sim support
11. Easy installation and DIY setup

There is a completely different range of products designed by Ambicam in terms of 4G security surveillance camera systems. These products are all different from each other in every sense. All are designed and equipped with advanced and trending technologies using next-generation algorithms.

These security surveillance camera systems have several purposes to fulfill and extraordinary advantages. Mostly they are ideal for remote locations where there is always a connectivity issue. This can be prevented by 4g security cameras due to their reliability on 4g/LTE/Wi-Fi network connectives.

CCTV Camera

Types of different CCTV Camera by Ambicam:


1. 4g dome PTZ:

4G Dome PTZ surveillance cameras are smart Best CCTV Camera with cloud technology. they are a professional security surveillance system for covering a wide area and its working takes place by rotation of the camera in different directions using pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) technology. It allows the consumers to get a whole wide picture of the surveillance area and zoom in for further minute details of individuals as well as objects at security events.

The pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities make it possible to monitor large and wide areas with the use of a single camera rather than multiple cameras. 4G Dome PTZ cameras work 24/7 to keep a keen eye on everything possible to help you monitor every minute of the day. all the recordings and snapshots are stores in the cloud so that the retrieval becomes very easy whenever needed.

The installation takes place with real ease and also comes with a DIY setup, these bullet cameras even save your costs and prove to be cost-effective. With unparalleled Wi-Fi video capabilities and other advanced features, surveillance becomes smooth and effective.

2. 4G mini bullet CCTV Camera:

Ambicam designed 4G Mini Bullet smart cloud cameras are reliable and efficient surveillance systems for your workspace, residential areas, and certain other premises. these security cameras are the best means to provide security both for indoor and outdoor surveillance environments.

4G Mini Bullet cameras work 24/7 via Ambicam’s mobile application to provide live-streaming and real-time alerts through desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

This application helps you to monitor every minute of the day from anywhere and at any time. 4g security surveillance camera systems are easy to use and install with a DIY setup. Installation of these cameras is a one-time investment and has extraordinary benefits in terms of security and safety.

3. 4g dome CCTV Camera:

4G Dome smart cloud cameras are a surveillance system majorly used for your Home, Office, Vehicle, and shops, etc. The dome structure of these cameras allows the complete surveillance of the whole area with high-resolution clarity.

4G SIM-based Smart Cloud Dome CCTV cameras equipped with several more specified features to help the consumers to monitor every instance of the day and even night by auto night mode. The live streaming can be done with the help of a mobile application which also allows other features to be handled through the application.

Easy installation and DIY setup, and using it via the mobile application, the 4G Dome cameras even save your bandwidth costs using video compression and bandwidth aggregation algorithm. They are somewhat a great option for providing effective and reliable security to you and your premises.

4. 4G dome PTZ advanced:

4G H.265+ Dome PTZ smart cloud cameras are the same as Ambicam 4g dome PTZ but just some more advanced than it. It uses H.265+ compression to enhance the video and image quality. They are a professional surveillance system to cover a wide surveillance area with the help of a wide coverage lens.

This security surveillance camera system works by moving the camera in different directions using PTZ Option which is pan-tilt-zoom technology that enables the consumers to get a whole wide picture of the surveillance area and zoom-in feature for further minute details of any individual and objects in terms of security.

The pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities make it possible to monitor large and wide areas with a single camera rather than the installation of multiple security cameras.

4G dome PTZ cameras with H.265+ compression work 24/7 via the cloud storage to help you monitor every minute of the day from anywhere and at any time. Easy to install and use, these security surveillance cameras even save your cost.

Ambicam designed a CCTV Camera, and FHD security surveillance camera initiates their operational performance on 4G/LTE/WI-Fi network connections. This is an ideal video monitoring solution for certain premises with no NVR/DVR, no wiring hassles, ideal when in areas with limited or no Wi-Fi access. It is equipped with various more extraordinary features like Smart & Instant Motion Alerts, Get Real-Time Alerts and live to monitor, etc.

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