An Industrial area such as Warehouse cctv monitoring is one of the prime targets for any kind of thieves or theft activities. The main reason behind this is there is a huge production of goods or products are stored or are available in a big amount. And sometimes happens that the security guard which is assisted over there for security purpose that is also a part of that thieves’ group and because of this the major loss occurs to the owner. So, for this kind of incidents, there is only one solution and that is Warehouse CCTV monitoring CAMERA for Warehouse with cloud recording which also cost less and doesn’t require any kind of maintenance every month rather than a security guard.

CCTV camera has become a necessary requirement in every business big or slow. A camera is the best and effective Surveillance system. And if we talk about the best CCTV camera for warehouse then it is none another then “Ambicam Smart Cloud camera”.

The basic or we can say main features of the ambicam camera is wireless and cloud storage based. Here as it is having cloud storage, so you can watch any past videos any time. And if in case they are damaged then also last-minute footage is available of the ambicam camera. It is also having a motion detection feature which gives you alerts.
Advantages of camera in the warehouse

When there is no eyewitness were present at the time of any kind of robbery then the footage of the ambicam camera of that date can help us in finding the thief.

– It is also beneficial for reducing the crime in our region because if they know that camera was installed so they avoid entering in that area.

– As ambicam is having the motion detection feature then whomsoever try to open the main door then also it will suddenly give an alert or message to the owner.

– There are no footage loss issues because they are cloud-based camera, so no data will be lost.

– The ambicam camera is very flexible and easy to fit if ever you want to change your warehouse then they can be easily shifted to that place.

Finally, Warehouse security camera when used efficiently and correctly is your defense against the criminal activities. And the best point is cost effective and works 24 hours.

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