Amongst the list of great inventions enlisted is this sophisticate interesting object – Thermal Imaging Camera. Unlike regular cameras, the thermal screening camera is a non-contact device that works on the mechanism of thermal energy or heat energy, or infrared energy (whatever you call it). A thermal imaging camera detects the heat and transforms it into a visual image that is clear enough to identify even the minutest of things.

Nothing can be more interesting than being able to see through the invisible world of heat using a thermal screening camera. With the fact that everything that exists on the planet releases heat energy (heat signature) and objects with different heat signatures lit up clearly on a thermal sensor irrespective of foreground and background lighting conditions. Therefore, a thermal camera is an exclusive device that sees beyond the visual power of a human eye and a regular camera.

Attributed to such specialties, thermal imaging cameras are used for myriad purposes including detecting huge icebergs, underwater bodies with high temperatures, gas leaks, overheated surfaces, human and animal tissue damage, elevated body temperature, and much more.

There is a lot to explore about rare of the common Thermal Imaging Cameras, Let us dive deep and unveil five amazing things about these devices.

1. Detect Fever but not Coronavirus

The buzz around thermal screening cameras nowadays is that it detects COVID-19 infected individuals. No, it is just a myth. Thermal cameras detect abnormal or elevated body temperature and fever is a common symptom of this contagious disease. But the fact is that fever does not always mean that the person is COVID-positive or the person with normal body temperate cannot be COVID-infected.

Hence, thermal cameras can only send notifications about an individual having a high body temperature but cannot affirm the COVID-condition.

2. Work Better at Night

Irrespective of a dark or well-illuminated environment, a thermal imaging camera works better at night owing to the ambient temperature. Additionally, unheated surroundings have lower temperatures in the dark as compared to the day which consequently allows thermal screening sensors to demonstrate warm objects brighter.

3. Measure anything and everything

Just like a human body, everything else in the world emits heat even an object at -459.6 degrees Fahrenheit releases minimal infrared radiation. Thermal imaging cameras come in a wide range of sensitivity, enabling the devices to detect even minor temperature changes. Hence, if the temperature of any object rises above absolute zero it will be exhibited on the thermal sensor of the camera. Smart thermal cameras use different hues to highlight objects with varying temperatures. For example, bright red/orange color displays an extremely hot object while blue or purple shows a cooler one.

4. Find Every Hidden Object

Do you think you can hide anything from a thermal screening camera? No chance!

It is only possible in reels to hide an object or a human from a thermal camera scanner. However, in real life escaping anything from a thermal camera is almost next to impossible. Now that we know, thermal cameras do not use visible lights to detect an object and rather use infrared light to create visual images. Hence no disguise, no weather conditions, no light or darkness, nothing could hide from a thermal camera. It is the prime factor why law enforcement authorities have switched to thermal screening cameras to identify foes and offenders.

Thermal Imaging Camera

5. Cannot Peek through Glasses and Walls

Something a normal camera is capable of but a thermal imaging camera is not is to see through the glass. Science explains that visible light can pass through the glass but not the infrared light, carrying the heat data. Since a thermal camera uses heat energy to showcase visuals, it is challenging to capture an image through glass.

On the other hand, a thermal screening camera cannot peep through walls as they are built to be insulated. Thermal cameras do not have the power to consume heat energy from the other side of an insulated wall. It is indeed surprising to know that a device with the ability to convert invisible light into visuals can get blocked by materials such as glass and walls.

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