Smart Surveillance Camera are amongst the most efficient monitoring cameras that deliver impeccable security, multi-dimensional application, valuable insights, and much more. These cameras are easy to install inside and out of the school and offices to secure critical locations including entrances, parking areas, classrooms, corridors, authorities’ chambers, and IT suites. One common thing that every educational institution needs is a holistic security system for the safety of students, teachers, extended communities, equipment, and confidential documents. Be it a school, university, college, or tuition center, every place is at high risk of crime irrespective of its scale.

The US Department of Education reveals that around 30,000 anti-social activities and crimes occur in higher educational institutes every year. The number of criminal incidents is alarming and highlights the amount of loss borne by the educational sector due to frail security arrangements.

However, robust and technologically advanced  monitoring solutions in place could work best to rheostat this distressing crime rate. Smart Surveillance Camera are amongst the most efficient  monitoring cameras that deliver impeccable security, multi-dimensional application, valuable insights, and much more. These cameras are easy to install inside and out of the school and offices to secure critical locations including entrances, parking areas, classrooms, corridors, authorities’ chambers, and IT suites.

Why do school need resilient surveillance cameras?

Amongst numerous reasons to deploy  monitoring cameras, some of the most important ones are:

1. Dissuading theft and damage to the property of the school, teachers, and students
2. Safeguard lives from assaults and other criminal activities
3. Track behavior and productivity of children and staff members
4. Keep records of surveillance footage
5. Restrict unauthorized and suspicious entries
6. Offers sense of security to staff, students, and parents
7. Regulate the enforcement of COVID-19 safety protocols

Interestingly, most campuses have hopped on to harness digital security solutions to protect their infrastructure and people. Almost 9 out of 10 campuses installed video surveillance cameras in 2020. If you are also planning to safeguard the school campus then this article can be your ultimate guide to understand all the aspects of an ideal  surveillance camera. The most popular school monitoring solutions are Smart Cloud CCTV cameras because these have already been installed in 30% of the schools in the US.

Key points of Surveillance Camera

Before investing your time and money in purchasing a surveillance camera for schools and offices, it is better to understand its intrinsic features and functions. Mentioned below are the eight major aspects of an efficient cloud-based surveillance camera.

1. Night Vision

Surveillance cameras with night vision infrared (IR) deliver properly exposed images and videos by adjusting brightness automatically. These cameras work ideally all day and night due to a built-in light source to illuminate the surveillance areas and faces for getting a clear vision. For enhanced security of office premises and valuable belongings even after working hours, it is critical to go for a monitoring CCTV camera with night vision infrared.

surveillance camera
2. High Camera Resolution

Choosing a surveillance camera with high resolutions is integral to secure schools and nearby areas effectively. Camera resolution is a technical term used to denote the number of pixels that form a video image. A large number of pixels create high-quality and well-detailed video pictures. High resolutions videos deliver clear images when zoomed-out to have a detailed look at the footage or image of an incident. A display resolution of 1920×1080 is considered a good range for surveillance security cameras. However, you can opt for an even higher camera resolution range available in the market as per your preferences.

3. Flexible and Scalable Integration

Find if the  surveillance camera that you are planning to buy connects well with other smart devices or not before making a final decision. In this network-knitted era, security monitoring systems are no more a stand-alone unit. Therefore, having a  surveillance camera that can be integrated with multiple smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc. is quite important. It allows responders to remotely monitor the areas under surveillance on portable or mounted screens within the comfort of their homes or while in transit. Scalability is another key factor to consider. You should choose a CCTV camera that can be scaled up in terms of its integration with a maximum number of devices as and when required.

4. Cloud Video Storage

A fantastic feature of smart cloud CCTV cameras for  surveillance is the ability to upload broadcasted video to remote storage automatically. Using the internet, the video footage is securely stored in the cloud to curtail the risks of recording theft, manipulation, or deletion. Cloud video storage is a rapidly emerging trend in the security ecosystem as digital storage is easily accessible, searchable, and manageable. It can be a quick source of evidence to help police and security agencies in recognizing and prosecuting criminals or to save an innocent person from fraudulent accusations.

5. AI-enabled Smart Analytics Assistance

AI-enabled smart analytics software in modern security cameras uses video intelligence algorithms to detect motion and unidentified faces immediately when captured in the video. It is an unparalleled safety feature that amplifies the 24×7 security management of multiple locations remotely by sending real-time notifications via messages or emails. This enables security staff to get attentive and analyze the situation to take necessary actions.

6. Wide-Angle View

For huge properties such as schools and universities, having a monitoring camera with a wide-angle view is a boon. Security authorities can get a wider view of a single location not to miss any activity at the other corner. Alongside, PTZ movement of smart CCTV cameras offers a view of the same location from different angles for better visibility with PAN, Tilt, and Zoom.

7. Quick Installation

Surveillance cameras that work on WiFi or SIM cards are absolutely hassle-free in deployment. They can be mounted on table tops, walls, poles, or at any place both in or outside without wiring or bulky hardware. Besides, these portable cameras offer the flexibility of replacement whenever required without damaging the interior décor.

8. Automatic Video Compression

Automatic video compression helps a big hand for educational interviews as it cuts down the cost of internet and extended storage devices. Surveillance cameras that compress the video without distorting its visual quality deliver less buffering time, saves storage space, creates compact videos, and reduces bandwidth needs and costs.

Get world-class  surveillance security systems featuring all the above components from Ambicam at affordable rates along with customized security solutions.

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