Thermal camera for body temperature detection have been an instrumental device in identifying suspected carriers of contagion viruses in world history. It is considered one of the most reliable and feasible means to measure human body temperature in critical situations without having to come in contact with others.

Historical relevance of thermal camera for body temperature detection

Back in 2003, the world was struggling to seek prevention and protection against SARS coronavirus as the death tolls were rising, over 8000 cases in different countries worldwide were reported. The governments of various nations chose to use thermal imaging sensors as a preventive device to measure the body temperature of visitors and passengers to recognize the possible victims of the virus. High body temperature was one of the most common yet prominent symptoms of SARS akin to COVID-19.

Thermal cameras for fever detection were installed at airports, railway stations, and all major check-points across the world.

Then in 2012, the world experienced another deadly virus MERS-CoV that also has fever as its major symptom. The same approach was taken up once again and thermal cameras for fever detection screening solutions proved to be an effective way to mitigate the perils of virus outbreaks.

Cut to COVID-19 pandemic

Since 2020, the COVID-19 virus outbreak once again has put the world in the doldrums in terms of health and socio-economic disaster but the relevance of thermal cameras is still there and even in a more advanced way. Thermal cameras for fever detection screening solutions in different timelines have been widely used by many nations like Singapore, New Zealand, UK, and others to screen their checkpoints, business, and public locations, etc. to recognize people with high body temperature.

Case in point: Singapore has set a brilliant example of being a technically advanced country that used the power of thermal screening technology. It deployed thermal cameras for fever detection on roads and public areas from where responders tracked the body temperature of all passer-by and identified the potentially infected people. Authorities then recognized, quarantined, and treated infected ones and took preventive actions towards people who had been in contact with the suspected ones.

In the current situation, where human life is getting back to its normal pace and businesses have re-opened, people need to take all the preventive measures for self and public security. And technology is going to be the top companion of businesses and people in safeguarding them against fatal coronavirus infection. Smart thermal cameras are next-gen smart cloud-based screening cameras that come enabled with smart AI analytics software that accurately reads the heat emitted by humans, objects, and surfaces.

Thermal Cameras

Business places such as offices, workshops, warehouses, and many others are the hotspots where people visit regularly so these places are highly vulnerable to contagious infection threats. Therefore, a tough and reliable preventive solution must be installed at these places to safeguard its people, the public, and valuables from catching the virus. And nothing can be better than a thermal screening camera that is a touch less means to read human body temperature, restricting the entry of people with fever. There are a lot more advanced features of smart thermal cameras, making it an essential part of businesses to seek protection against COVID-19. We will read about a leading thermal camera and its features in the next section.

Ambicam Smart Thermal Cameras for body fever detection

They come with a range of innovative features that make them one of the best choices while opting for thermal imaging sensor solutions. They are designed from high-grade material and boast in-built smart analytics based on AI and ML. Compatible with Wi-Fi and 4G technology, these thermal cameras offer 24 hours live screening facilities to the users at places with or without good network connections. Automatic video compression, full HD display, cloud video storage, quick and DIY installation, local feeding facilities, and much more offer utmost usability, reliability, and monitoring advantages to responders – all within nominal rates. Ambicam thermal cameras can be deployed easily at business places, public places, checkpoints, vehicles, etc. for the overall security of the public and properties.

Functionality meets innovation

To determine the significance of thermal cameras during the pandemic situation, let us understand the features of these devices. Here we go.

AI/ML algorithm for smart analytics. AI/ML-based smart features enable these cameras to offer advanced functionality including:

1. Fever detection: Detects body temperature of 6-8 people simultaneously from a distance of 3 meters.

2. Face recognition: Contactless technology to identify faces precisely to allow and restrict entries of known and unknown faces respectively. Thermal cameras for fever detection are also used for marking employee attendance correctly against the right employee ID and departments. Over 80 facial points can be recorded and recognized by each thermal camera.

3. Headcount: Gives automatic headcount that is quite close to the actual number

4. Mask detection: Precisely differentiate between masks and clothes and quickly identify faces without masks even in the crowd

5. Heatmap detection: Successfully determine the pathways that are used by potentially infected visitors in a bid to block those areas from human contact.

Precision and promptness

Eliminating all the chances of false alarms and unnecessary hustle, smart thermal cameras deliver accurate and quick temperature readings of humans and objects. These temperature screening solutions provide results within milliseconds with zero error.

Real-time alarms

Smart thermal cameras send quick alarms on recognizing any unfavorable or suspicious behavior to intimate responders in case of any possible act of crime.

The basis on the following features, smart thermal cameras for temperature measurement delivers several benefits to businesses amidst the critical times of the COVID-19 outbreak. Read below in detail.

1. Provide round the clock security to businesses through live screening for enhanced safety
2. Contact less monitoring of surroundings and body temperature of human beings
3. Record data and store it safely on the cloud in an organized manner to help responders find required information immediately.
4. Assist in maintaining COVID-19 preventive measures throughout the business places

Businesses have got thermal camera technology as an effective weapon to shield themselves against this unseen deadly virus. Sooner or later but the ultimate rescuer in these hard times would be smart and digital technologies – thermal screening cameras to be precise.

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