Keeping your home safe is a necessity that will never go away. As technology advances, security measures become deeper. However, some people buy video surveillance cctv cameras without knowing where to place them. This article will show you how to use your CCTV system.

A home video surveillance kit is a solution that protects your property and loved ones. Home security with video monitoring is a round-the-clock recording, thanks to which you can always be aware of events and promptly respond if an intruder enters the house.


What’s in the hardware package?

Basically, a home video surveillance kit contains:

• one or more video cameras;

• cable, power supply;

• video recorder;

• remote control;

• various auxiliary devices.

Home security with video monitoring allows you not only to take care of the safety of your valuables but also to monitor the work of the staff, for example, a nanny looking after a child or a housekeeper.

Firstly good home surveillance is a good camera. Because this is the “eyes” of the system, and it depends on how well it reproduces the image day and night, whether you do not miss an important small detail in the recording made by the camera.

video surveillance

video surveillance

Effective CCTV camera placement to protect your home

Take a close look at camera options such as high definition, night vision, wireless and remote control. All sorts of camera types are available today so that everyone can find the most suitable option, for example:

1. Cylindrical Cameras: Designed to target one specific area and are most commonly used indoors.

2. Dome cameras: can rotate 360 ​​degrees within their fixed position.

3. Varifocal Lens Camcorders: These devices allow you to zoom in and out for detailed shots.

General security concerns

Setting aside time to investigate crimes in your area can be an effective solution. So, you can find out what times the thieves usually operate and how they get into the territory – this will provide useful information for installation home security with video monitoring. You can also use this time to evaluate all kinds of entry points to your home, such as porch windows or unlit areas.

According to security industry experts, CCTV cameras should define three main points:

1. Entrance door. According to statistics, these are the most common entry points for robbers.

2. Rear windows. Thieves are more likely to operate in places where they feel out of sight of their neighbors.

3. Side gates or lanes. If thieves are heading towards the back of the house, these outdoor cameras will either scare them away or give users the ability to identify intruders.

4. And wherever you choose to place your camcorders, consider what is around or where the camera is pointing. If you place the inner camera outside without hiding it undercover, in this case it must be waterproof and protected from other environmental factors. Installing a camcorder that is not weather-resistant can be useless in the long term as it will not work properly.

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