Home Security Camera System is a smart monitoring device that lets you keep a keen eye on your home and its surroundings from anywhere and at any time, using an internet connection to transmit live or recorded footage to your smartphones or tablets. This can be done with the assistance of a mobile application with varying enhanced features. The home wireless security systems are integrated with the most basic yet new generation technologies for monitoring your homes remotely.

Ambicam Home Monitoring Solutions are providing great help to make your Home Security Smart, Secure and Easy. Ambicam home security camera Keeps a constant check on your residence and lets you know what’s going on around you when you are not there. This home monitoring solution provides you complete peace of mind and safeguard your home and loved ones.

Ambicam Home Security Camera with smart cloud for home surveillance provides various advanced features which are:

1. 100% wire-free operation
2. Quick and easy setup
3. Two-way audio communication
4. Cloud Recording system
5. 4x digital zoom-in
6. Built-in Wi-Fi system
7. Free 24-hour storage of video clips

Some of the major benefits of deploying a home security camera system

a. Protect your loved ones and entire premises
b. Home security Tailored with 24/7 Live monitoring
c. Gather Video Evidence from cloud storage
d. Deterring Criminals and uncertain activities
e. Require a little maintenance
f. Motion Detection Alert system
g. Real-time Alerts for any suspicious activity
h. Easy Installation and deployment
i. Do-it-yourself camera setup

The ability to remotely monitor and manages your security surveillance cameras from anywhere within the world and at any time are among the foremost powerful features integrated into modern security solutions. You’ll be able to remotely access your system and live streams from anywhere in the world and at any time via a 4G Dom Camera mobile application on through your smart devices. Imagine, monitoring your premises in real-time, viewing live streams, covertly monitoring all the activities going around your house and its surroundings whenever you would like or need them.

Home security camera systems must have varying enhanced features. In particular, they should be:

1. Communicate either wirelessly over Wi-Fi or inbuilt sim card connections.
2. Should be powered either by wires, batteries, or a wall power source with backup power.
3. They should be designed to be used indoors, outdoors, or both areas for proper surveillance.
4. Can perform live-streaming of data and be easily controlled through a smartphone application.
5. Offer standard or majorly a high-definition video resolution for clarity and visibility.
6. Have features like zoom-in for video and image data using digital zoom.
7. Record continuously, 24/7, or record when triggered by motion detection sensors.
8. Have auto night vision so they can see in the dark and pitch-black environments.
9. May incorporate two-way audio and equipped real-time alarm systems.
10. May feature wide-angle lenses and pan-tilt-zoom capabilities to see beyond a standard field of view.

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