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We provide 4G Cloud Storage Camera with great analytics which helps in premises security, as we see in today’s world, it’s important to have the best security measures in place to protect everyone. One way to do this is by taking advantage of our advanced wireless Video Surveillance over 4G Network with Cloud Recording and storage with AI/MI technology and cloud storage.

This blog post will explore the ways that how this technology and analytics can help to enhance outdoor premises security. From providing real-time monitoring to predictive analytics, the possibilities are endless. Read on to learn more about how this technology can help keep your premises safe!

How 4G Cloud Storage Camera are different and how it contributes to premises security?

4G cameras are different because they come with advanced analytics such as,

    • Facial recognition
    • Object detection
    • Advanced Motion Detection & Night Vision
    • Monitor indoor and outdoor facilities
    • Individual monitoring of every visitors, and much more analytics, which makes ideal for premises security.

With this technology, additional cameras can be set up for constant monitoring to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. Furthermore, the data generated from these cameras can be used to effectively analyze trends and identify areas of concern for further investigation. This camera with great analytics helps in premises security by providing the college administrators a better understanding of the security situation and allowing them to take appropriate precautionary measures whenever needed.

It also offers remote access to live footage and recorded video footage if needed, which makes them a great choice for monitoring premises from a distance thereafter, it offers remote access to both live footage and recorded video footage making it an ideal choice for premises security. With great analytics and the ability to access footage remotely, it provides a high level of security that any premises needs.

Benefits of installing the 4G Cloud Storage Camera at your premises for security purposes:

1- Real-time video footage with live streaming:
Great analytics can provide real-time insights into premises security issues, including the ability to track and monitor suspicious behavior, as it enables authorities to detect potential threats in real-time. It has the ability to monitor large areas and provides detailed data analysis, helping to identify areas of interest and possible crimes.

2- FHD resolution:
Its ultra-high-resolution capability can be used to capture footage of any incident or crime in order to aid investigations and help determine any suspects. With this technology, premises security teams are able to ensure the safety of their student, staff, and premise while providing an efficient response when needed.

3- Smart Alerts:
It can also provide faster response in times of emergency, as the camera is capable of sending alerts to the proper authorities within seconds. With this technology, security teams can quickly identify any potential threats and alert authorities, and take preventive actions. It is a perfect tool for premises security.

4- Cloud monitoring and Personalized dashboard view:
These cameras can be placed in strategic locations to monitor multiple areas of a premises simultaneously, providing extra layers of security when needed, and you can monitor all the cameras from one place. The combination of 4G security camera technology and advanced analytics makes it much easier to quickly address any potential threats and keep premises safe.

Useful tips to keep in mind while monitoring:

    • We even assist you in remotely monitoring using a tablet or smart phone from wherever on earth.
    • You may keep an eye on all indoor and outdoor amenities from a distance using our premises surveillance solutions and object and motion detection analytics.
    • You can record each visitor entering and leaving your school using face detection analytics, and by placing cameras around main entrances and in administrative offices.
    • When some students and employees arrive late or leave early for school, outdoor video cameras in parking lots can help protect them.
    • Cameras placed close to exits can also help in reducing any misbehavior happening in the surroundings.

Difference between Traditional CCTV Camera vs 4G SIM Based Camera

4G Cloud Storage Camera


By taking advantage of the 4G Cloud Storage Camera technology and analytics, premises can enhance their security and keep everyone safe. From providing real-time monitoring to predictive analytics, the possibilities are limitless.
With its analytics, it’s possible to detect threats before they become an issue and take steps to minimize harm. It’s an essential tool that all premises should take advantage of in order to ensure the safety of their students, faculty, staff, and premise.

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