Advantages of Cloud Camera over Typical CCTV Solution

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Ambicam Smart Cloud Camera

Advantages of Cloud Camera over Typical CCTV Solution

Sr. No. Cloud Camera CCTV / IP Camera
1 Wireless Camera Complex Wired Architecture
2 Compatible, Reliable and Advanced Complex Handling and mounting
3 Requires and occupies lesser space Require more space to place NVR / DVR
4 Easy/Auto functioning Requires access via dedicated/ Static IP with high connectivity to function
5 Least Human interference required to operate it. Experts required to operate/set every Camera
6 Low maintenance cost High maintenance cost
7 No extra Hardware required Additional hardware required like DVR/NVR
8 Cloud Storage (Storage in Cloud Network) Local Storage (Easy to steal or destroy data)
9 No risk of the functioning of the camera being stopped as it is wireless If the wire is damaged or cut, the camera will stop functioning.
10 Live Video Surveillance on Low Bandwidth Local View (Live Video Streaming Is not possible on lower Bandwidth)
11 Only 100 kbps is enough to do live stream from ATM’s. Requires a  high bandwidth to stream and view the video feed
12 Video streaming even on 2G/3G network Video streaming on 2G/3G not possible.
13 Local View is available in ATM with auto streaming feature No local view possible in CCTV without any extra display setup
14 Easy Installation, easy to operate and easy to manage cost effective solution Complex Installation, Costly Solutions, require only experts to operate and hard to manage
15 Because of Live Surveillance, it is easy to track cameras that may not be functioning. Not Possible, Because the feed captured from the camera is not real time and live.


Ambicam Camera with Details


Ambicam Cloud Camera Features:

  • The offered System/Solution is capable to store 30 days Video recording on Data centre Cloud.
  • Camera are wireless and with 130 degree wide angle. No requirement of DVR/ NVR.
  • The offered System/Solution has a unique option of implementing custom video analytic features and alarms, as per the project requirements. Includes extensive reports and charts module.
  • The offered solution is capable to allocate watermark(s) on each video recording with unique Camera Number & ATM Name, Time Stamp.
  • It is fully automatic and uninterrupted video streaming device
  • It supports automatic local recording in case of internet loss..
  • Proposed Device supports Live streaming at lower bandwidths obtained in a 2G network.
  • We have an experience of handling at least 5000 cloud cameras deployed at different locations at the same time.
  • Support plug & play, P2P easy installation.
  • Mobile view allows you to gain remote access and view from anywhere at any time.

Ambicam Cloud Camera Specification:

  • 1/3” Megapixel CMOS,Max image Resolution 1280*960@25fps
  • 264 Main Profile @ level 3.0 coding, Real time H.264 dual-stream encoding, resolution, frame rate, bit rate adjustable
  • Supports Color/BW mode converting, IR-CUT Filter
  • Built in Motion Detection
  • Auto-retrieve function and auto-connection network
  • Including PC surveillance platform and mobile client, Easy remote view
  • Integrated ONVIF standard, Compatibility with third-party ONVIF platform software
  • AP mode for PC free setup
  • Low power consumption
  • Free access to your live video from a computer, tablet or smartphone.