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Unboxing – Ambicam Smart Cloud Camera

ambicam – smart cloud camera, How to Configure!

Q: My camera blue light doesn’t turn on, what should I do?
A: Is your camera connected to power? Please check the power cable!

Q: Which operating systems are supported?
A: For, View in Browser – Flash enabled browser

Q: Which smartphones are supported?
A: For, Application – ANDORID 4.0 and above, iOS 6.0 and above

Q: Can ambicam be used outdoors?
A: ambicam is designed for indoor use only, but you can use in outdoor with protection against weather.

Q: I’m really interested in two-way talk and night vision. How do I get that?
A: Good news! Two-way talk and night vision automatically come with the ambicam V 2.0. And it’s live now.

Q: What happens after my 1 year recording subscription runs out?
A: Your ambicam will still work! You just won’t be able to record video over cloud, or access your recorded video clips in the cloud.

Q: What’s your return policy?
A: For more detail you can visit our return policy on our website return policy link.

Q: I want ambicam Recording Services. Do I buy one for each camera?
A: Yes. This is because each camera has its own video storage, which requires space in the cloud. Recording Services. After adding ambicam Recording Services to your first ambicam, you can watch you live feed over application and portal.

Q: I want multiple cameras, and I also want recording services. How do I do that?
A: Yes, we recommend purchasing our cloud service option, then logging into your account and upgrading to the plan of your choice. You’ll get the same ambicam Recording Services plan after camera #1!

Q: Can I have multiple cameras set up for one account?
A: You can have as many AmbiCam’s in your account as your bandwidth can support (each ambicam typically runs 1 Mbps of bandwidth). We generally recommend up to four per household. You can add multiple AmbiCam’s to your ambicam account, give them each a name and view different feeds from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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