Save money with simple security.

Set up multiple cameras for a fraction of the cost of a traditional video surveillance system. With live streaming, night vision, and mobile apps, you’ll have peace of mind wherever you happen to be.

Cloud Camera, Wireless Camera

Plans and Pricing

Store past 3 Days of recording

Receive Push Notification

Save Video Clips

Create Timelapses

Store past 15 Days of recording

Receive Personalized Alerts on mobile

Save Video footage

Create Timelapses

Create Custome Zone

Save special moments using cloud monitoring

Now you can make your own video clips you want to keep and share with your family, friends. You can also download it whenever you want to view.

Cloud based video monitoring benefits

Now save up to 15 days of history in the cloud and review when you want.

Optional Customize motion areas so you can receive push notification.

Easily create time interval of any event, occasion or incident that you can watch in a minute.

Create small clips from your recorded video and save it or share it with family or friends(V2.0).