Ambicam Cloud Camera – your live video on Local Viewing

Considering the sensitivity of consumers in India for the usage of internet, VMukti has developed an advanced intelligent algorithm which allows users to save up to 90% of bandwidth. The AMBICAM Cloud Camera automatically detects if the user is in the same network as the camera and fetches data from the camera itself instead of pulling the live feed from cloud and saves huge bandwidth even if the customer sets up the camera for monitoring 24/7.

How to Set-up Local Viewing Feature:

Ambicam Cloud Camera - Local View

It’s a huge achievement and we are proud of our innovation which tailors to the local needs of the masses of having to spend less money on bandwidth consumption for live monitoring.

Undoubtedly this camera, is a flagship in the surveillance industry and soon to become one of the most talked about gadgets for monitoring in the country. The AMBICAM Cloud Camera not only ensures live monitoring of homes, offices, schools, etc. at lower bandwidths but also provides the users with added features like the 2-way talk and motion detection. The 2-way talk feature ensures that the customer is always in touch with his/her near & dear ones via voice interactivity.

The motion detection feature just took instant notification and caution alerts to another level. On detection of any movement in the desired area, the AMBICAM Cloud Camera quickly sends a notification on the device of the user along with an e-mail containing a snapshot of the latest detected image which helps the customer know the last activity that took place before the obstruction.

The night vision mode ensures that darkness does not come in the way of live monitoring with the help of its unique IR which has a range of upto 20m. Whilst one might think that the night vision mode is no new discovery as far as cameras are concerned but spare a thought for the technology that allows viewing the video at HD in night vision mode at as low as 150 kbps.

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